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Karen Martell, coordinator

Karen Martell is a registered nurse. She has been actively involved with her husband in pastoral ministry, evangelism, and church administration across the North American Division. 

She currently lives in California and is the Coordinator for Prayer Ministries for Southeastern California Conference and the Pacific Union Conference. As such, she is actively involved in conducting Prayer conferences, workshops and seminars on prayer. She believes that prayer ministry is about coming to Jesus, being changed by Jesus and sharing Jesus with others. It is about having a conversation and relationship with God...pursuing Him with a passion and discovering the character of God that empowers every believer to live and love like Him. She believes that God is looking for individuals who love with His heart, see with His eyes and believe that He is a God who will do what He says He will do. She invites you to unite in prayer with her and with others who seek God for the vision He has for His church, the unsaved and His Kingdom. Pray Ephesians 3:20 for your church and your ministry. His plans are greater than anything we can ask or even imagine! Pray His Word for your life, your family and your world. 

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Plan to attend the WestPoint of Evangelism December 7-10, 2008. The prayer track will empower and insire you to develop your prayer and ministry to a deeper level. This track is for anyone interested in evangelism and prayer.

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Report of Activities on "WeatherWatch" Weekend

As a result of “WeatherWatch,” a call to focused, united prayer from the leadership of the Pacific Union, constituents throughout the Union, came together in many different ways for prayer over the weekend of Oct. 12-14, 2007. The weekend was about coming to Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and sharing Jesus with others. Some prayed individually on their own from homes, others met in their prayer groups and families. Many came together corporately for worship and prayer in local churches and communities. They all came to unite and pray that God would inspire His people to revival and reformation so that He could pour out His Spirit on all people and the finish the gospel commission. Many observed 10 days of prayer and fasting prior to the weekend. Those who did saw changes in their lives and in the life of their churches. 

Southeastern California Conference: Conference prayer coordinator, Karen Martell and Southeastern California Conference President, Gerald Penick invited the constituency to participate and pray with the conference leadership over the weekend. He encouraged members to pray individually, in families, with friends and in their congregations in some form throughout the weekend. Friday and Sabbath services in the local churches were prayer oriented and offered special opportunities for focused prayer and worship. Saturday afternoon each of the six areas of the conference had two churches, (a Hispanic and English site) that hosted a corporate prayer and worship time for the churches in the area. Conference officers participated in these prayer times. Many churches had a prayer breakfast on Sunday morning, with praise and testimonies. Churches that were involved in evangelism took advantage of this prayer time to pray for individuals and specific needs for soul winning. Ten days of prayer and fasting preceding this weekend added power to the lives and prayers of those who chose to be a part of this discipline. New prayer groups were formed, relationships were healed, and lives changed. United in praying for a finished work, those who participated have seen miracles and answers to their prayers in ways that they never expected. A blessing was received and many are already anticipating the call to prayer by President Penick for SECC in January 2008. 
Central California Conference: Conference prayer coordinator, Janet Page: A weekend adult prayer conference was held in the Ceres church. Jose Rojas and Randy Maxwell were speakers. Attendance was good and mushroomed to 600 on Sabbath. A youth prayer conference is planned for the week of Nov. 11, 2007. The effects of prayer on conference life is demonstrated by continual growth, financial gain, and evangelistic commitment. 
Southern California Conference: Conference prayer coordinator: Janet Lui: An invitation was given to the constituency by Conference President Larry Caviness to pray with conference leadership on Sabbath afternoon at the Vallejo Drive Chapel from 3-5:30 p.m. President Caviness assisted by the Southern California Conference prayer team lead the worshipers through texts of scripture in prayer, songs and testimony. Many churches throughout the conference provided special services with prayer opportunities on this weekend. Along with other members throughout the Union, several congregations added the discipline of 10 days of fasting to their prayer time. New prayer groups have been established and they are experiencing the blessing of ministry and stronger relationships. 
Arizona Conference: Conference prayer coordinators, Susan and Luke Skelton: WeatherWatch weekend at Phoenix Camelback Church turned out to be a "high" Sabbath full of blessings. During the main service, Associate Pastor Ben Lundquist invited the congregation to come forward to present their praises and petitions to God. The response was excellent and it was obvious that many hearts were moved by this special pastoral prayer.

During the sermon, Senior Pastor Charles White emphasized the importance of the precious gift of prayer and gave everyone a "take-home-tool," to help revitalize prayer life. These prayer cards were extra special because they were designed and given by our Arizona conference president.  Beautiful prayer promises covered one side of the card. On the other side, intercessors wrote in the names of the souls that the Lord put on their hearts.

Pastor Charles invited everyone to stay after church for a "garden of prayer." The purpose for this special session was twofold: to lift up friends and family who do not know the Lord, and to ask that the Holy Spirit prepare the hearts of those who will be helping and attending our upcoming evangelistic series by Pastor Dan Bentzinger of It Is Written. Many of those who stayed volunteered to join the evangelism prayer warrior team of now 34 members! This weekend provided the perfect opportunity to "kickoff" a more devoted prayer life. We at Phoenix Camelback church were very blessed in lifting our hearts in prayer with our brothers and sisters across the Pacific Union Conference during this special weekend.

Nevada-Utah Conference: Conference prayer coordinator, David Hall: Both local churches and schools were invited to participate in the prayer weekend. Here is a report from the principal of Salt Lake Junior Academy, Trevor Kendall, on what happened there. 

While many of our activities on a daily basis focus on prayer, we realized that some school wide programs emphasizing the power of prayer would be the best support for a prayer initiative of this scale. With that in mind, we decided that we needed to have a prayer focus that the students could come together to participate in and one that reached out into our church community. Our students have been discussing the power of prayer in and we decided that it was a prime opportunity to engage in a visible display of the power of prayer. Our school gathered as a community to create a prayer chain. But rather than creating a chain comprised of prayer requests, we wanted a chain in which each request was sandwiched between prayers of thanksgiving. The students developed equal numbers of thanksgiving prayers and prayer requests and we put them together in alternating fashion. We then displayed the chain in the school as a reminder that the links of thanksgiving and concern combine to create the bigger picture.

The upper grades have done a week of focused attention on what they are calling “promise prayer.” They are following their normal prayers with a promise from the Bible they read together as a prayer, they then claim the promise and say amen as a group.

The 1st – 3rd grades teacher believes that a way she can engage her kids in prayer is to have each one give a prayer request and to then recite all of them during the prayer. I have been in her room when she has had more than 20 requests from the students. When she prays, she spends part of the time praying for each request individually by memory. She notes that her kids are paying close attention to the prayer because they want to hear their request and see if she remembers all of the requests, and that they have increasingly looked forward to prayer time because of the personal nature of the prayer for each student. They feel connected to the prayer more that usual.

To reach into our church community we created a new program that will hopefully create a spiritual investment bridge between the school and the church community. We created a group called the Daniel Division. Each member of the group will “adopt” three students and one teacher to pray for. In addition to the prayers, members will find times throughout the year to give notes of encouragement and small gifts to those they have adopted. The group will be anonymous. Instead of a signature, the group member will leave one of our Daniel Division business cards for them. The school will send out letters to the group (complete with Daniel Division letterhead) notifying them of prayer items (considering confidentiality).

The students and the teachers were blessed by these activities.


 "WeatherWatch" Call to United Focused Prayer. October 12-14, 2007.

"WeatherWatch" is a call to united focused prayer by the leadership of the Pacific Union Conference. It is an invitation and an opportunity for the constituency of the Pacific Union Conference to partner with Jesus in united focused prayer and ministry on behalf of our families, our churches and our world. It is a call to a deeper relationship and commitment with Him.

Watch for signs of rain. Be a "Raincatcher!"

Check with your local prayer coordinator and pastor for information related to how your church will be participating.

Fill your bucket and pass on the blessings.

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Karen Martell, Prayer Coordinator
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