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Arnold Trujillo, vice president  |  Click here for Evangelism Endowment

The role and function of the Vice President is to work closely with the president, sharing in designated administrative activities and responsibilities. The vice president is responsible for plannning and promoting Evangelism and Discipleship as well as Global Mission, ShareHim and Evangelistic Small Groups initiatives. He also overseas Evangelism Endowment Fund projects.  

The Vice President is also liaison between the local conference and the North American Division for ministries not staffed within the Pacific Union office such as:


In this role he keeps information, programs and policies connected. Please click Ministries to see a table which provides links for the various ministries in the various local conferences as well as the NAD and Pacific Union.

The Vice President oversees the following ministries which are coordinated by volunteers appointed by the Pacific Union Executive Committee to give leadership in: Disaster Response, Prayer Ministries, Prison Ministries, Single Adult Ministries and Women's Ministries.

The vice president's office also oversees the Charles Crist Fund, which supports tobacco, alcohol, and drug rehabilitation programs.

About Arnold Trujillo

Arnold Trujillo was elected Vice President of the Pacific Union Conference in 2005.

He was born in La Jara, Colorado and graduated from Pacific Union College in 1965, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and History and a minor in Spanish. In 1970 he received a Masters degree in Educational Administration, again from PUC.  He has done doctoral studies at the University of California, in both Berkeley and Riverside, with an emphasis in Policy Planning and Administration, Organizational Theory and Research Design. While working and studying at Berkeley he made an unsuccessful bid as a candidate to the US Congress and also received a commendation from President Richard M. Nixon for saving an American flag from being burned by demonstrators.

Arnold taught at Golden Gate Academy and pastored eight churches in the Southeastern California, Texico, and Southern California Conferences before entering administration service as executive secretary, Superintendent of Schools and Sabbath School Department Director of the Texico Conference. He then returned to Southeastern California Conference to manage a project of HART, pastor three churches and serve as Assistant to the Administration in the Conference. In 1997 Arnold came to the Pacific Union office as Associate Director of Public Affairs and Religion Liberty. From 1999 to 2005 Arnold was president of the Hawaii Conference.

Arnold is married to Deloris Kinsey Trujillo. They have two grown children: Timothy and Laura.


Phone: 805-413-7254

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Vivienne Landsdown, administrative assistant 

Since January 2006, Vivienne has served as the Administrative Assistant to both the Vice President and the Executive Secretary. She is been Adminstrative Assistant to the Executive Secretary since 1987.