Child Evangelism

Arnold Trujillo, vice president


George Barna, the Christian reseacher and author, asserts in his book, How to Transform Children into Spiritual Champions, that children aged 5-12 are 8 times more receptive to the gospel than at any other age in their lives. He also challenges the Christian community to be intentional in winning children to Christ.

While our Seventh-day Adventist Church has excellent programs that target children such as Sabbath School, K-8 education, Vacation Bible School, Adventurers, Pathfinders, Summer Camp and the Children's Story in the Sabbath morning worship service, children under age 10 are rarely the focus of evangelistic efforts. Barna's research suggests that we must begin much earlier. It appears to me that we must integrate our programs with the express purpose of leading children to accept Christ as Savior and Lord. That decision, I believe, needs to be recorded, celebrated, certified, and tracked just as we presently do for those who are baptized. The decision to accept Christ should also be reaffirmed at least on a yearly basis until the child is baptized and discipled.

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